Animal care

KAR…..Team work does work


We have received the following news from Kyrenia Animal Rescue about their marvellous efforts to stem the growth of the cat population through their neutering and spaying programme and would like to share this news with our readers.

How many??????


As you may be aware KAR recently began a “free” neutering service for stray and feral cats. Members of the public and the KAR cat team have been busy over the last 2 ½ months collecting cats and bringing them to the KAR Clinic (Karakum) for them to be health checked, wormed and neutered/spayed. Once recovered they are then returned to where they came from.

Since the programme began (mid February) up to the end of April a total of 111 females were spayed and 97 males have been neutered. So 208 cats (so far) will NOT be adding further to the stray cat population in North Cyprus!

Thank you Derya (KAR Vet) and her assistants – Thank you KAR Cat Team and Thank you to all the members of the public who have caught cats and brought them to us.