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Can Anyone Help Esentepe Stadium Dog No 4?


By Richard Beale …..

Another appeal and yes it’s easy to disregard this post but please spare a few minutes looking at it. Esentepe Football Stadium seems to have become a dumping home for unwanted puppies and dogs. We have another one at the Stadium, No 4, we have been very lucky to find homes for the previous three dogs.

Dog number 4, we call him Hakem (Turkish word for referee), as he appears to sleep in the Referee’s Changing Room, is a Labrador, male around 9-12 months old. He is a very playful dog always happy to see someone and would make a really good pet.

He has been at the Stadium probably for the last 2 months.

Has anybody a home for Hakem ?

Thanks to the sterling work done by Rob of Hope4pets who comes every day to feed him Hakem has survived. Also I know a couple of dog walkers if they are near the Stadium they bring food and water to him. At the back of the Stadium is the Esentepe Belediyesworkers Depot and I am sure that maybe a couple of those workers give him titbits as well.

Hakem is surviving but he is 100% dependant on hand outs and with the hot summer approaching I fear for his well being.

Myself, like the majority of Expats, have provided homes for dogs like Hakem, is there anyone out there that can provide a permanent home for him? In return you will be guaranteed 100% love, affection and loyalty.

If you go to the Esentepe Football Stadium at anytime you will see Hakem or contact me on Facebook Messenger.