Akıncı: “Equality, freedom, and security are fundamental requirements


At an event he attended, President Akıncı referred to the statements that he made regarding the 30th June Guterres Framework, and noted that a great deal of speculation had resulted from this.

He added that he had not said “zero guarantees, zero troops” in any of his statements, and that the distortions on this issue were caused by misleading Greek Cypriot commentaries.

Underlining that today there is no “zero guarantees, zero troops” mindset, and neither was there in Crans-Montana, President Akıncı reiterated that excluding Turkey from future security arrangements on the island would not be accepted by the Turkish Cypriot side.

Akıncı stated that in order to shape the future without compromising any principles, all sides need to improve their ability to adapt to the requirements and the conditions of today. Akıncı added that although he behaves in accordance with this principle, the Greek Cypriot side continues to dilute and distort his statements.

President Mustafa Akıncı underlined that the principles of the Turkish Cypriot side are; a structure which includes a rotating presidency and the effective participation of the Turkish Cypriots in decision-making, based on political equality and where one side cannot impose its will on the other and the Turkish Cypriots will feel secure.

President Akıncı noted that the date of framework he mentioned in his previous statement was 30th June and the report of the UN Secretary-General and Greek Cypriot side’s letter also emphasized the date as ‘30th June’. Therefore, there is no framework dated “4th July”, as the Greek Cypriot side has asserted, and this date can clearly be seen as the Greek Cypriot side’s own interpretation.

Referring to statements made by the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades, during his reception of the newly appointed British High Commissioner, that “Turkey must give up its provocations in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Turkish Cypriot side must give up its extreme demands and then we can consider the negotiations”, Akıncı responded, “Equality, freedom, and security are not exaggerated demands, but fundamental requirements”.

Regarding the natural resources surrounding the island, President Mustafa Akıncı said, “The riches in the Eastern Mediterranean are common. It does not only belong to the Greek Cypriots.”