Meeting held to discuss Cyprus Silk Cocoon industry


Girne Municipality, the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Craftsmen and Producer Markets Cooperative and the Green Peace Movement, held a meeting with the aim of bringing the producers of silk cocoons, handicrafts and breeding, under the roof of a cooperative in the future.  

Issues such as the problems experienced by farmers and producers, solution proposals, increasing standards, mapping studies according to districts and preparation of a strategic plan, initiating an organization and taking the first steps of the “Clustering” project, were discussed.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated that although there was awareness about the survival and development of silk cocoon cultivation and related handicrafts and protection and reproduction of mulberry trees with the Silk Cocoon Festival, significant steps could not be taken in the institutional sense.

With the 13th Silk Cocoon Festival, the idea of cooperativeness emerged in order to make the work carried out more sustainable and realistic, and as such the Municipality was ready to give all kinds of support. Güngördü emphasized that it could exist only by producing in the territories where the Turkish Cypriots live. He stated that the duty of the Municipality is to cooperate with civil society and professional organizations by putting forward the main idea on this subject.

Mahmut Kanber, Head of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Artisans and Craftsmen, said that production, marketing and marketing cooperatives had been established with the cooperation of olive and grape producers for 4 years and that this year the branding standardisation was completed and the products and packaging were presented. Canber noted that the goal of branding and standardization in production was to make a major contribution to the country’s economy by “clustering”. Kanber suggested that investors in the country should be obliged to invest in local production.

Doğan Sahir, the Secretary General of the Green Peace Movement, expressed that an important awareness was created with the Silk Cocoon Festival in Cyprus. Dogan Sahir, who expressed that silk cocoon growers and craftsmen are still troubled today, it needs organised work to meet, protect and develop silk cocoon production and art, he stressed. Doğan Sahir believed that cooperativeness would contribute significantly to the standardization and marketing of product quality and the protection of the producer in this respect.

Ersun Aytaç, the Chairman of the Green Peace Movement and General Secretary of the Craftsmen and Production Marketing Cooperative, also said that they have been working on a map for determining the region in which the country produces and the standards for 4 years  with producers, KOBIGEM, the EU and the cooperatives.