August 7, 2022


By Ahmet Abdulaziz………

In what can be termed as a thrilling match of changing fates, the Near East University women’s basketball team managed to record a close 78 – 76 win over the Çukurova University, in the play-off match in the Women’s Basketball League of Turkey.

The match played at the Caferağa Spor Centre in Istanbul was a very toughly contested match, where both teams put up the best of their talent and mastery. The period results  show a graph of ups and downs and losing the first and third and winning the second and fourth period.

The final results were 16-21, 40-39, 59-60 and 78-76.

The last few minutes of the match were the most thrilling ones, where the losers had put up the best of their talent, and managed to earn 10 very important points in the last 3 minutes, from 66 to 76. But the last minutes efforts failed to change the ultimate results.

The match ended up with the score of 78-76 in favour of the Near East University women’s basketball team.


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