August 8, 2022


The prize-giving and closing ceremony of the IUSAR Games 2018, organized in cooperation with the Civil Defence Organisation and International Universities Search and Rescue Council (IUSAR), was held last night 1st May 2018.

The IUSAR Games are the only search and rescue games organized internationally. This year, the games were attended by search and rescue clubs from 19 universities, 7 of which came from abroad.

Girne American University’s Search and Rescue Team came first, with the Islamic University of Indonesia Search and Rescue Team coming in second place and the Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University Team was placed third at the end of the IUSAR Games.

President Mustafa Akıncı spoke at the closing ceremony and stated that countries can demonstrate their level of modernity by their disaster preparedness. Akıncı said that in this context, the Civil Defence Organisation’s works mean that the TRNC can look to the future more securely. Akıncı stressed that the TRNC is improving in this regard and that the games are also important for the promotion of the country.

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