The NEU Dance Cup 2018 starts


By Ahmet Abdulaziz………

The Health, Culture and Sports department of  Near East University is organising the First “NEU DANCE CUP 2018”.

The occasion made a great start at the Sports arena of NEU Primary School, with the dance display of Packy Tufano and Diana Satskevich. Later on Mike Faya and New Tribe performed on stage.

The dance tournament will continue on 27th April with the display of Latin and Hiphop types of dances. The talented dancers from Madness Dance Grubu, UKÜ DansGrubu, Unity Crew, Ministry of Dance, Mentol, Cranberries Dance Studio, Sergen Özbay Dance Studio, Dancebase Art Studio, LAÜ Latin Dans Club, Goldiest Latin and Spring Fairy Dance Academy will perform in 40 different styles.

The entrance to “NEU DANCE CUP 2018” is free.