July 1, 2022


By Peri Sualp……..

This has been a very busy and tiring week as the rehearsals peak for the forthcoming “A Night at the Movies” musical concert featuring Broadway and Disney on 28th April.

I have performed at many concerts since I was 10 but I think this will be the most sophisticated one ever.  It took us a lot of time and effort to make and certainly for the sake of children with Leukemia.

I have prepared a chronology of my previous concerts for this week’s article due to the tight time schedule to show what a fantastic journey I have had.

April 2016- My first time ever on stage singing experience that had set me on a journey that started with the  amazing Maestro Rauf Kasimov’s piano recital. I am grateful to him for the opportunity to appear with him.

Peri Sualp with Maestro Rauf Kasimov

April 2016 -Then came the opera night at the popular Italian restaurant in North Cyprus, I Belli.  I shared the stage with my mentor and tutor Demetra George Mustafaoglu as her protegee. Maestro Rauf Kasimov accompanied our songs. It was a very extravagant night in terms of music, food, drinks and guests. Thank you Caterina and Emigliano Randoni.

Peri Sualp and Demetra George Mustafaoglu at I Belli Restaurant

May 2016 – I performed for the children at ‘Yaratıcı Çocuklar Derneği’ (creative kids society) in Istanbul for motivational reasons.

September 2016 – Then I attended my first charity concert in the aid of CVAR (Cyprus Visual Arts and Research) Museum in Nicosia with 3 wonderful Divas. Demetra George Mustafaoglu, Katie Economidou, Lenia Kallis. Being with these wonderful sopranos was like a blessing.

Cyprus Visual Arts and Research Museum, Nicosia

October 2016 – I performed at the great Halloween Happening that was organised by ‘Clean Cyprus’ that was for the benefit of cleaning up the environment. Maestro Rauf Kasimov was there to accompany my songs once again. I wish I could sing away all the trash in the whole world.

November 2016 – My first biggest musical concert was with my georgeous tutor, 2 times Grammy nominee Demetra George Mustafaoglu and international countertenor Nuri Harun Ateş at the amazing historical venue of  Bellapais Abbey. Our accompanists were worldwide known Cypriot flutist Burak Beşir, international pianist Barış Büyükyıldırım and most talented violin maestro Ammar Dadizadeh. The benefit of the memorable night went to the cleaning of some areas of North Cyprus.


December 2016– There was a Christmas concert at the Presidential palace in South Cyprus. The same group from the museum was invited along with a famous choir, the benefit of the concert was going to go to the Alzheimers Foundation so we joined. Being a ten year old Cypriot girl singing in the south part of Cyprus at the Presidential Palace Hall really made me feel proud that night.

Peri Sualp at the Cyprus Presidential Palace

December 2016 – I just sang a few songs at the Christmas and New Year Event of ‘Unite Cyprus’ at the House of Cooperation in the buffer zone. It was an exciting and happy day for the hope of peace on our beautiful island. I do hope peace will be with us soon and I wish the same for the rest of the world.

February 2017 – I attended a charity event for Tulips/ HTWCA. I sang couple of songs. Maestro Ammar Dadizadeh accompanied me with his magical violin.  I am thankful that it was a very successful event in terms of making money for those who are suffering from cancer.

Singing to help Tulips at the Arkin Colony Hotel

March 2017 – The concert at Bellapais Abbey was such a big hit that we were invited to perform in İstanbul at the first hotel built in the historical neighbourhood  of Pera Palace. We even stayed in this half museum hotel. Everything was different and excellent. Even the audience was excellent. The benefit of the concert went to Creative Children’s Society where it is established and run by Demet Sabancı and Didem Çapa.

The cast and producers at Pera Palace, Istanbul

June 2017 – I just had a small part in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ musical at the end of year show in my school as the Candyman. My great hearted teacher wanted to create a stage for those children who are not planning musical theatre in their future career! I am still glad as she ended up giving me the most popular song from the movie.

L to R Space camp Turkey and ESK School Kyrenia

July 2017 – I performed for the children who attended International Space Camp in Izmir during my camping there. It was totally unforgettable.

July 2017 – Once again I was proud to join in the concert with Demetra George Mustafaoglu and Nuri Harun Ates with the piano accompaniment of Barış Büyükyıldırım at Antalya /Kaş Antic Theatre Antiphellos. What an amazing crowded audience there was. We even had to change our costumes in a truck that brought the music system to the theatre. That night will always be in my memories.

Music on Fire at the Antiphellos Theater, Kaş

October 2017 – Another great show with Demetra George Mustafaoglu and Nuri Harun Ateş for the benefit of Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation for Children with Leukemia and Cancer. This time we had Önder Cebeci on the piano to accompany us and Muharrem Cemoğlu with his cello. We also had the wonderful dancer Evgenia Zhilskaya with her moves. As we had a costume party for the children before the concert, it turned out to be highly entertaining for both children and adults and we managed to raise lots of money for the Foundation.

November 2017 – Even though I am in the first year of secondary school, I was proud to be chosen to participate in the Grease musical in our school. I was one of the angels and back vocals. In the beginning I thought the production would be tiring but it taught me lot and it was sure fun being with different year groups.

Peri Sualp centre front in “Grease” at English School of Kyrenia

December 2017 – A Christmas concert with the opportunity to sing for the wonderful soprano and personality Katie Economidou at the Karaman Church for the benefit of the historical church. Zara Barkhoudarian is such a talent that she not only accompanied the songs with her piano but also she sang too. Fikri Toros also accompanied Katie Economidou on piano..

Zara Barkhoudarian, Peri Sualp Katie Economidou at Karaman Church


April 2018 – So here we are again with our group hard at work preparing to go to the Ataturk Cultural Centre, Lefkoşa on April 28th when we will be presenting A NIght at the Movies featuring Broadway and Disney for your enjoyment and I look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you.

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