Near East University 4th in the FIBA Women’s Euroleague Final Four


By Ahmet Abdulaziz………

Near East University Women’s Basketball Team, lost 82-87 in their match against  Russia’s Dynamo Kursk team in the Euroleague final in Sopron, Hungary.  They just closed their 2017-2018 season by finishing fourth in the B group of the FIBA Women’s Euroleague.

The most important match, from the point of the NEU team,  played at the Novamatic Arena, was a well contested match, where both the teams exhibited high standards of their game. However NEU could get supremacy only in one out of the four periods of the match.  The match ended with the scores of 21-19, 44-46, 66-75 and 82-87.

After the end of the match Zafer Kalaycıoğlu, the chief coach of the Near East University team, expressed his satisfaction over the achievement of the team, on an overall basis. “Losing the last match was a case of bad luck”, he said.

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