Animal care

Kyrenia Animal Rescue Education team visited Karakum Anaokulu


By Chris Elliott…….

On Tuesday 10th April the wind was blowing and the rain was driving hard locally which was so miserable but when I arrived at the Karakum Anaokulu I was greeted by the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Education team, and the teachers and 47 children aged 5 to 6 from the school.

Karakum Anaokulu children listening to Maggie Smith with her dog Annie, Elif Todd and Carole Widdison

It’s not the first time I have experienced the education team working with children and teaching them how to care for cats and dogs and this time team leader Maggie Smith with her dog Annie and Carole Widdison took it in turns to talk to the children using games and recognition cards and Elif Todd helped by translating from English into Turkish for the children.

KAR have a superb training book and they gave copies to the teachers so they could use these for further educational purposes.

The excitement and interest of the children was electrifying but soon the session came to an end and the teachers brought forward many donations of animal food made by the children’s families.

All in all it was a great day to witness as you can see below, despite the poor weather conditions.

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