August 7, 2022


The Turkish Foreign Ministry has stated that the report prepared by the European Commission on Turkey is neither objective, nor balanced.

In a written statement, the Ministry responded firmly to the European Commission’s 2018 Turkey Country Report and said :

“Statements with regard to the Cyprus issue within the report is nothing beyond repeating the EU’s already known views based on wrong premises on the Cyprus issue. These expressions reflect the attitude of the Greek Cypriots which is the basic reason for the failure of the negotiation process and it sets yet another example of the exploitation by the Greek Cypriots of EU membership in its efforts for deadlock.

The fact that the EU insists on this unilateral and distorted understanding reveals that it not only lacks strategical evaluation about the Eastern Mediterranean but also that it does not have the capacity to develop a long-term vision for the region.”

In his written statement; the European Union Minister and Chief Negotiator Ömer Çelik said: “The EU has almost been captured by the Greek Cypriot side”.

Çelik added: “As we have clearly stated, the Greek Cypriot Administration’s continued unilateral hydrocarbon exploration in Turkey’s continental shelf, which the TRNC has a right to as part of the Exclusive Economic Zone, is out of the question.”

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