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The Foreign Residents in the TRNC visit Salamis

It was good to see that despite the day starting  with appalling weather  last Tuesday 10th April  that The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)  had a fascinating and enjoyable visit to Salamis where they were guided by their Chairman Willy Lindh and this is a summary of their trip received from the TFR Events Manager,  Pamela Tschersich.

In the words of Lee Childs fiction hero Jack Reacher, we set off from Karsiyaka Square ´hoping for the best and planning for the worst` with contingent plans already in the making, for making the best of a much looked forward trip to South Salamis!

The usual stunning scenery on the way there was shrouded in low cloud as rain continued to drizzle, but with lots of very determined upbeat TFR members armed with cagoules, brollies and sturdy footwear we were set to have a great day no matter what the elements threw at us…….Fear not, the sun shines on the righteous!!! Cagoules on and generally looking like a ‘plonker’ we posed for photo’s  with much laughter without caring what we looked like !!!!

The sun came out to accompany our Chairman Willy Lindh, transporting us back in time, giving us as usual a very interesting insight to the history of how it was on this island so many years ago. For most of us I think we had not seen this side before, plus there is more to see, but time was running out, decisions were taken and we proceeded to the coach to make our way to Famagusta to enjoy food and  beverages at our chosen restaurants. The journey home complete with sunshine treated us to the usual stunning scenery we have learned to enjoy living on this beautiful island.

The same trip is being repeated on Tuesday, 17th April, as it proved to be so successful.



Note:  For more information regarding The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) please visit their Facebook page click here