Akıncı: “There is no reason not to open the Derinya and Aplıç border checkpoints together

President Akıncı has said that there should not be much more delay to opening these checkpoints. He added that there is 3 km of road in Aplıç, South Cyprus, which should be asphalted, and said that if works on the road are completed within three months, both border checkpoints can be opened simultaneously.

Akıncı was in Derinya, examining the works taking place prior to opening the checkpoint.

Stressing that rumours that the Turkish Cypriot side does not want Derinya checkpoint to be opened are unfounded, Akıncı said that there have been delays from both sides. He emphasised that any reservations from the Turkish Cypriot side regarding Derinya and from the Greek Cypriot side about the Aplıç Checkpoint had been overcome. He said that the main delay had been in the building of a 3 km road in Aplıç, South Cyprus, and said that in three years, highways had been built but the Aplıç road had not been completed. Akıncı said that unfortunately, the Greek Cypriot authority responsible for checkpoints is trying to convert the current situation to a mutual blaming campaign.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office