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The Foreign Residents in the TRNC visit the Middle East Technical University

Readers mail……..

On Wednesday 14th March,  30 TFR members enjoyed a very interesting day being shown around the Middle East Technical University …METU Kalkanlı- Güzelyurt.

We started our tour with an interesting talk given to us by  Sinan Hussein Özkarsulu to give  us  an insight into the formation and its requirements for student entrance  to this university. After listening to a short talk from four students to give us their views, we adjourned for cookies and coffee ready to start the tour for demonstrations by students and lecturers.

Our first stop was at the Technical Lab where we had various things shown to us, the men in our group have mainly all been engineers of some sort and they all enjoyed recognizing the technology from our very fluent English speaking teachers.

From here we saw the library where you are invited to use their books to read/study from at any time as their guest but they are not for loan or to take away.

We were given the chance to use one of their nine cafeterias on the Campus to break for a delicious extremely inexpensive lunch. We were given a quick look at their onsite shopping area with their own Lemar, post office, barber/ ladies hair salon, patisserie plus a group playing good music with a girl vocalist out in the street  opposite the eateries!!

We then got to look into the Scientific Exhibition centre which is the space ship construction from a distance, Sports centre, accommodation block and lecture rooms, all shown to us by our guide for the day, Sinan.

The TFR conveyed their thanks to Sinan Hussein Özkarsulu for his hospitality and patience in showing us their university, we all enjoyed it immensely giving us a very interesting day to remember, also to James Budd who helped with the liaising to get me the required information to help me put the program together.

Pamela Tschersich
Events Manager-TFR Committee