Animal care

Beware Hedgehogs, (Not Road Hogs!)

Readers mail……

Drivers are asked to look out for Hedgehogs on the road that are coming out of their “Winter Hibernation”.

This one was photographed in Ozankoy this past week. They appear to be smaller than their English cousins, but this might be because they have less slugs, snails and worms to eat over here. If you have one in the garden, please don’t give them bread and milk, it is not good for them. I think cat’s tinned food is OK and water.

Quite a lot of the hedgehogs, babies and adults, are killed on the road at night when they come out, so could I ask all drivers to be particularly careful if you see them in your headlights and let them cross the road safely.

Thank you on behalf of a lovable little creature.

Richard Chamberlain