February 6, 2023

Labour and Social Security Minister Zeki Çeler visited the Basin-Sen office on 5th February 2018 to discuss the problems of the union representatives and the press sector.

Emphasizing the importance of freedom of the press, Çeler used the expressions “How liberal the press is in a country, society becomes conscious”.

Çeler emphasized that the press is of great importance for the country, emphasizing that the ministry’s mandate is very broad and that every sector should defend its rights.

L to R Deniz Abidin – Finance Secretary, Minister Zeki Çeler, Ali Kişmir , President,  Ali Kurtoğlu – International Relations Secretary, Çağdaş Öğüç – Organization Secretary,

According to the statement made by the Ministry, Çeler said, “We are obliged to defend not only the employer but also the rights of the workers. While defending workers’ rights, we will not ignore the contribution the employer made to the economy of the country, but we will not allow people to be exploited. “

Emphasizing the importance of freedom of the press, Minister Zeki Çeler said, “It is very important for the future of the country to be given the rights of a press employee, to know that writing is free and not to be oppressed. Because, in a country, how free the press becomes, the society becomes so conscious. “

Zeki Çeler also noted that he will do his utmost to ensure the full implementation of the BRT Law and the Press-Work Act.

Saying that he would consult with everyone with visits to civil society organizations and want to understand the problem of every sector, Çeler said; “For our Ministry, the problems of all sectors are equally important, we will make our visits and try to make a full-fledged participation, we will work with all stakeholders in consultation with all institutions.”

President Ali Kishmir spoke of problems

Basin-Sen President Ali Kishmir, who spoke on the pre-emphasis on the importance of the Press Work Law, thanked the Minister of Labor Çeler for the fact that he made his first visit to Basin-Sen.

When Çeler was the opposition, he pointed out that the upright position regarding the unionization in the private sector was welcomed and that he continued to struggle in every opportunity. He wished Çeler’s Ministry of Labour and Social Security to be successful.

Difficulties of Press Workers’ Dilemma Recognizing that Mr Çeler closely followed up from the past and that the press employees have shown many sensitivities personally to solve the problems of their employees, Kishmir transferred the priority issues in the press sector to Minister Çeler.

Failure to enforce the Press Work Code will not protect the social rights of the private sector employees; providing information about problems such as mobbing employees in some institutions and employing press workers for long hours, said that press employees were removed from the work in contradiction to the Labour Code. that they have problems in making social investments through their salaries and that they have struggled to solve these problems.

“We are prepared to show patience in the consciousness that all these problems cannot be solved at once,” he said, pointing out that the BRT Act is still not in place and that the negative working conditions in the TAK organisation are among the problems to be resolved..


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