December 10, 2023

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu released a message about the 27-28 January 1958 Resistance.

In his message Ataoglu said ”While discussing the events of Cyprus and the future of Cyprus, the British never took into consideration the Turkish Cypriots, only after the resistance of the Turkish Cypriots did the British accept their position”.

While the British Colonial Administration was not tolerant of the Greeks and the terrorist organisation EOKA bloody actions and attacks, they did not show any restraint in respect of the innocent resistance by the Turkish Cypriots during their 27/28 January 1958 actions.

This was the turning point of the Turkish-Cypriot struggle in history. I wish to remember our martyrs who lost their lives in this resistance. “

Source before translation: TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment.

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