Vox Pop on BRT Television 28/01/18 and the NCCCT Christmas Fayre

By Engin Dervisaĝa…….

I went with my cameraman Mustafa Sarpten  to the Pia Bella Hotel on Saturday 9th December to record interviews and witness the fun at the North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust (NCCCT) Christmas Fayre  for my Vox Pop programme.

There were many people to talk to including NCCCT Chairperson, Wendy Anderson and many others including Joanna Walker, Marian Stuart and Cemal Özcömet from ZAYDER – Zeytin Ağacı – Eğttim ve Yardımlaşma Derneği (the Olive Tree – Education and Help Association).

I also found an old friend and BRTK colleague, Can Gazi dressed as a lovable elf and tripping the light fantastic and doing many other crazy things to entertain everybody who was there.

Father Christmas (John Rudderford) was very popular and  keeping the children both large and small happy whilst Dj Werner Fayers was also on hand to create a party atmosphere with some great  music.

My interview with these great people will be screened on  Sunday 28th January at 15.00pm and repeated on Tuesday 30th January at 18.30pm and Friday 2nd February at 20.00pm so do tune in to join me on  my show, Vox Pop on BRT2 Television. This programme was edited and Turkish sub titles added by Kut Adali

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