December 9, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz …

I believe that all humans are multi talented. We are all born with this precious natural gift, however right from a very young age, sometimes parents, sometimes teachers and mostly the society forces us to not practice most of our talented gifts.

So over a period of time, by ignoring our natural talent we can no more do in fact what we could originally do.

But there are some people who, apart from being busy in their profession, succeed in digging out their hidden talent, and constantly practice that. Mrs. Seyra Çoli Aytan, is one such talented lady, and I had a chance to have a short chat with her recently.

By profession, she is an English Teacher in a local university, a vocation that she has been continuing since 2008, after completing her masters from Leeds University,

but she has continued with her old hobby of making decorative items, dolls, etc etc.

She uses her talent, along with her imagination, to end up with simple yet unique dolls, busy books, pieces of decoration and various toys.  Although at first she had been making them for herself, later on she started making for her friends and relatives, who had started asking for them, and now she is receiving enquiries from customers. For the last 6 months she has started doing commissioned work. The demand for her work is increasing.

“It gives me a unique internal satisfaction and happiness, when I see people liking my work”, she said. She says that her biggest admirer is her own 5 year old daughter, who in fact now not only plays with her mom-made dolls, but also persuades her to exercise her talent with extra commitment, to make different dolls and toys, that her daughter would love to play with.  “This has become an additional motive for me, and I feel happier with making dolls and toys for my daughter”, she said.

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