December 9, 2022

The constitutional process to form a new government in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus following last Sunday’s early elections is underway.

The process which started with the High Electoral Council officially announcing the list of MPs elected is continuing.

The deadline for objections to the results ends at 5pm this afternoon (12th January).  Speaking earlier on the issue, the head of the High Electoral Council, Narin Şefik, said that no objections regarding the election results have been filed so far.  She added that should any be filed before 5pm this afternoon, the objections will be evaluated in due process.

The new TRNC parliament will be sworn in on the 22nd January 2018, 10 days after the names of the elected MPs are published in the official gazette.

The bureau of the assembly will also be determined at the session which will be chaired by Hüseyin Angolemli who is the oldest Member of Parliament elected in last Sunday’s election. Angolemli who will serve as the acting Speaker of Parliament will meet with the party leaders to decide how many members the bureau of assembly will consist of.

Şefik said that preparations were also underway to hand out certificates of election which will take place in the separate districts.

According to last Sunday’s election, the National Unity Party won the highest number of seats in the Republic’s Assembly with 21 followed by the Republican Turkish Party which won 12 seats, the Peoples’ Party 9 seats, the Social Democratic Party 3 seats, the Democrat Party 3 seats and the New Birth Party 2 seats.

Source : BRTK


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