February 5, 2023

In the first week of the New Year, there were 74 accidents in the country and 27 people were injured in these accidents.

During traffic controls there were 747 drivers checked.  According to a statement made by the Police Press Officer, 74 traffic accidents occurred between 2nd and 7th January in the country and 27 people suffered injuries.  According to the statement made by the police, during the same period, traffic control was carried out and 5,106 vehicles and drivers were checked.

During this period, 26 of the accidents that took place were due to speeding, 18 driving too close to the vehicle in front, 19 not stopping at a junction, and 6 caused by careless driving.

The cost of damage from the accidents amounted to 466,200TL.

25 of the accidents took place in Nicosia, 20 in Famagusta, 19 in Girne, 4 in Güzelyurt and 6 in Iskele.

Of the vehicle drivers charged, there were 8 dangerous driving, 22 careless driving, 50 without licence, 37 owner not driving, 28 driving under the influence of alcohol, 82 driving while using mobile phone,  91 not obeying traffic signs, 2 not obeying traffic lights, 17 driving unqualified vehicles, 46 driving uninsured or non-covered vehicles, 7 using “A” for an unauthorised vehicle, 8 using “B” private vehicle for unauthorised use, 2 driving a motorcycle without a protective helmet, 7 not operating a taxi meter while carrying a passenger or engaging in fraudulent activity.

Source – BRTK  click here

Editor’s Note

We are all well aware of the standard of driving in the TRNC and it is good to see that the Police have been taking some action.  More of this is needed in the future as from the figures shown above, this is not a good start to the year.

As this news has been acquired in Turkish, we have done our best to translate it into English, but we feel it paints a very sorry picture overall.   We are not aware that there were any deaths during the period in question, but 27 people injured is still far too high.


2 thoughts on “2018 : A bad start for road safety in TRNC

  1. Driving standard here in TRNC is very poor. Drivers do not use signal to change lanes nor indicate when turning or going round the roundabouts. They change lanes within a roundabout unsafely by cutting in front and sometimes overtake on the left side. Especially bad are the high powered cars when they can accelerate fast and disregard other traffic and speed limits on high speed roads. Speed cameras are not effective as they slow down and then accelerate fast once past it.I have seen a lot of them doing well over 100kmph The cure is average speed checks Driving tests I assume are .not stringent enough and MoT tests are farcical. Lights on a lot of cars do not work properly and some cars are covered in dirt so as to make their lights ineffective. To keep safe I drive no faster than around 45mph and look out for the maniacs although I drive quite normally on motorways in the UK and France.

  2. Perhaps if the authorities took things seriously and started checking ‘all’ cars and drivers over a short period, i.e. pull in 10 in a row and check, then the next 10 etc, and immediately impounded all cars and people who are unlicensed uninsured, no MOT, no tax, cars crushed if all is not paid up within 7 days, including all back costs, the roads would be cleared up a bit.
    Probably because there would likely be more that a 50% drop in road users.
    After a few dozen cars are taken, the message would soon spread.

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