Food and Drink

Food and Hygiene checks by the Girne Municipality

Girne Municipality’s health inspectors visited 15 enterprises and carried out inspections.  As a result of this a total of 2,592TL fines were paid by 13 businesses.

Girne Municipality Health Department maintains food and hygiene inspections for hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, food production and sales businesses that are interested in community health.  The health branch teams visited 264 workplaces in September, October and November. The results were:- 15 enterprises were sealed due to problems and deficiencies in business permit, sanitary conditions and general hygiene issues,  and 13 enterprises received fines totalling 2,592TL. On shelf inspections were carried out and products that were not suitable to meet food and hygiene regulations were confiscated.

Güngördü:  standards are the responsibility of every tradesman

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü emphasised the importance of accessing reliable food in healthy and clean environments for every individual who lives in Girne, a tourist city with a centre of entertainment, or for those who visit the city to eat and drink.

Güngördü said that the municipality’s market controls in this direction are based on general hygiene and human health criteria and that there is no compromise on this issue. Güngördü stated that the tradesmen are sensitive to the possibility of penal sanctions when they do not comply with these rules and that the production conditions of foods must be in accordance to the standards and it is the responsibility of every tradesman. Güngördü thanked the companies that have been working successfully in this direction.