Seasonal Entertainment at the Girne Park AVM Centre, Girne

We are delighted to have received  news of a schedule of events at Girne Park AVM Centre for this coming weekend and over the coming four weekends there is entertainment planned each weekend along similar lines.

08-Dec Friday         11.00 – 18.00              Art Exhibition (Pam Schofield) / Resim Sergisi
08-Dec Friday                                           Wish Tree for children / İstek Ağacı
08-Dec Friday         17.00 – 19.00             Zeliş – Turkish singer
09-Dec Saturday     11.00 – 18.00             Art Exhibition (Pam Schofield) / Resim Sergisi
09-Dec Saturday                                      Wish Tree / İstek Ağacı
09-Dec Saturday     16.30 – 17.00             Salsa Latin Jazz dance exhibition
10-Dec Sunday       11.00 – 18.00             Art Exhibition (Pam Schofield) / Resim Sergisi
10-Dec Sunday       11.00 – 18.00             Market stalls
10-Dec Sunday                                        Wish Tree  Draw/ İstek Ağacı Çekilişi
10-Dec Sunday       14.00 -17.00              Father Christmas (with ‘presents’ for children)

Quote from the organiser, Incilay Fell “We are trying to bring a touch of the UK to North Cyprus to help celebrate both Christmas and the New Year holidays which are important festivals for people living on the Island. The shopping centre has been decorated to reflect the season and it is hoped that it will encourage people of all nationalities to visit to support the various activities as well as visiting the shops to see what is on offer.

The underground car park is FREE currently for any length of stay and with seasonal music welcoming you, I am certain you will be surprised at what is on offer. The restaurant – Big Boss – has recently opened and the Patisserie is also opening next week, so whether it is a cup of coffee or a fantastic T Bone steak, you will find it all at Girne Park AVM”

Girne Park AVM Centre is in Ziya Rizki Caddesi and opposite to the HSBC Bank .