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North Cyprus Lions Clubs help refurbish a school

North Cyprus Lions Clubs Federations 12 Lions Clubs based throughout Northern Cyprus all worked together with Turkey’s 118U District Lions Clubs to decorate and refurbish a new school reception classroom.

North Cyprus Lions Clubs Federation President Ln. Seray Gürün contacted the Education Ministers and was informed of three infant schools with reception classrooms in need of refurbishing. Each of the three schools listed were visited and assessed. Arap Ahmet Infant School was chosen as it was the only infant school between the three listed with only one reception classroom.

In consideration of the children attending a school with more than one reception classroom, in order not to confuse young children being separated by a new and old classroom Arap Ahmet infant school was decided on as the best option to proceed with the project.

Donations from each of the Lions Clubs and wonderful sponsors from all over the Island made it possible to decorate and refurbish a brand new reception classroom for the children attending the reception year in Arap Ahmet infant School.

At the grand opening children were filled with excitement and the smiles and laughter made it worthwhile for each Lion who dedicated time and effort to make this project come to life.



Ln.Meyrem Dana

Mağusa Kale Lions
Club Secretary