Minister Fikri Ataoğlu attended 3rd Tourism Fair in Turkey

The Tourism and Environment Minister, Fikri Ataoglu, attended the opening ceremony of the 3rd Tourism Fair in Turkey.

Hosted by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and prepared by the President of Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister, Numan Kurtulmuş, the fair was also attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  and took place on 1-3 November with the participation of public institutions and organizations, tourism professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, sector representatives and the academic community.

Minister Ataoğlu was accompanied by Undersecretary Assoc. Dr. Ismet Esenyel and Executive Assistant, Kazım Türkkan.

 Ataoğlu: “We are efficiently and correctly developıng our tourism potential”

The KKTC delegation took part in “promotion and marketing”, “tourism education and employment”, “travel agency and transportation” and conveyed the problems of North Cyprus tourism and the solution proposals and the expectations of the industry to their counterparts.

Minister Ataoglu attended the Ministerial Consultation Meeting ….

The TRNC Minister of Tourism and Environment, started with the words “We are very pleased to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at this important meeting and we will show both to our public and to the world how important tourism is for our country Northern Cyprus”.  Fikri Ataoglu said that tourism in Northern Cyprus has increased significantly.

Ataoğlu stated that they are participating in this project with the aim of improving the tourism potential of North Cyprus in an effective and correct manner and stated that the Government of the Republic of Turkey is supporting the TRNC Tourism Sector with all the facilities of the Government of the Republic of Turkey.

Ataoğlu stated that tourism has started to become a growing sector in North Cyprus and that tourism is a cause for the development of the economy and the development of the social structure and provides a significant employment opportunity.  When the people working in the tourism sector constantly improve themselves and develop themselves, tourism is an important sector that transforms both the economy and society”. he said

Minister Ataoglu stated that tourism is one of the fastest and most stable developing sectors of the world and that the contribution of Northern Cyprus to tourism, in spite of the embargoes and obstacles applied, cannot be discussed in terms of its contribution to the country’s economy, development and natural and cultural heritage.  “We need to develop ourselves in parallel with developments in the world. Increasing our competitive power in the global tourism market will only be possible if tourism is made an element of sustainable development. We need to bring the share of tourism to every level of society. We need a tourism policy that integrates the resources of the country into tourism activities and considers sustainability at every stage of the process, and we are working for it”, he said.

He also said, “With the aim of improving the tourism potential of North Cyprus, which is a candidate for being one of the few destinations of the world with its natural and cultural beauty, it will be dealt with in a lot of topics in the target here.”

In order to evaluate the current situation of the tourism sector and to create a national tourism policy for the future, tourism will be organized at the 3rd Tourism Fair with the participation of public institutions and organizations, tourism professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, tourism sector and academic communities between 01-03 November 2017. It is aimed at evaluating the current situation of the sector, updating the implementation principles and creating a national tourism policy to ensure a long-term healthy development of the sector.