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Hope4Pets say, Girne Belediyesi is Leading The Way!

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Today the 7th November 2017 was the Grand Opening of the Girne Beldiyesi Animal Shelter. H4P were there to witness the long awaited project opening which was well worth the wait. Meeting with the Mayor, Nidai Güngördü, and his charming son Baris Gungordu today we were able to congratulate them on their achievements and ask many questions in our long talks. Below are some of the questions and answers which I am sure our members will agree are all very positive.

Mayor, Nidai Güngördü,

Q: How many Dogs do you intend to be able to house when the project is finally completed?

A: Once we complete we hope to be able to house up to 400 dogs if necessary. Dogs will be housed in either one or two to a kennel dependent on the compatibility of the individuals.

Q: Are all dogs open to adoption and if so will there be an adoption fee?

A: Yes all the dogs will be up for adoption and we will encourage families to meet the dogs and when we have completed our plans, there will be a walking area for the introduction of potential owners and dogs where they will be able to spend time walking and getting to know each other. We also have a children’s play area for the next generation in our surroundings and a cafeteria where families can sit, relax and discuss adoption. There will be no adoption fee.

Q: Will you give advice on animal care to people who wish to adopt and do home checks on the people wishing to adopt ?

A: This is something we are working towards but we wish to do the best we can.

Q: Will all the dogs be spayed and neutered that enter the shelter?

A: Yes they will. We have our own small surgery which is suitable for this and for any other minor surgery and general treatment. We are in negotiations with the NEVC in Lefkosa for anything which may arise which is more serious.

Q: How many staff will man the kennels?

A: The first phase will have 4 staff and the kennels will be manned from 08.00 – 17.00 daily. When we expand we will employ further staff. We may have someone on site 24/7 by then but we also have CCTV plans in motion until then which will be monitored.

Q: Which area/areas do you intend to cover?

A: Local to Girne as we can then concentrate within our own municipality and give a higher standard of care.

Q: Is the temporary compound you have near St Hilarion still open ?

A: No it is now closed and we have moved all the dogs down to the permanent shelter.

Below are photos from today and some of the beautiful dogs needing adoption. Please contact the Girne Belediye or if you wish to adopt or need further information.

Thank you to the Girne Belediyesi and more of their news can be seen by clicking here


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  1. Very good start. Key to its success is of course sustainability of maintenance of the facilities and care. Good luck. The article doesn’t say(I don’t think) exactly where it is located or how to find it ?