Ministry of Tourism and Environment : strict controls against sea pollution

With a new system to be established, it is aimed to prevent the pollution created by wastewater in the sea and to keep sea water constantly clean.

From now on, a continuous 7/24 camera system will monitor wastewater in the sea and the data can be transferred to the Ministry in the event of possible pollution.

The deep wastewater monitoring project, which was initiated by the Ministry of Environment Protection Agency on the northern shore of Kyrenia, was supervised by 12 plants from the sea and land. The second phase of the project will be continued at the southern coast of TRNC as of November 2017.

At the inspection, samples were taken from the camera recordings and exit lines of the sea discharge lines belonging to the facilities with the help of a diver and were analysed in the state laboratory.

Later, the results of the analysis and the Organisations responsible for the problems and the technical responsibilities attended a meeting at the Ministry and were informed and the necessary punishment procedures were applied.

At the meeting, information was provided about the findings of the recordings made to the representatives of the Facilities and the measures to be taken in order to prevent the problems from happening again were discussed.

Detailed information was given about the monitoring of touristic facilities with continuous wastewater monitoring systems.

The technical delegation headed by the director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Abdullah Aktolgali, visited the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning of the Republic of Turkey and obtained information on the continuous wastewater monitoring system to be established and examined the installed facilities on site.

The parameters of pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, flow rate, chemical oxygen demand (koi) and suspended solid (akm) parameters are continuously and automatically measured in the effluent water of the continuous wastewater monitoring system (Sais) which is transferred to the central database on a regular basis.

With the help of the environmental protection technical personnel, the plant owners exchanged opinions about the establishment of this system and the consensus was reached that the work for the establishment of the system would be started shortly.

Commenting on the issue, Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoglu said that his aim was to prevent pollution in the sea and stated that administrative sanctions were applied in respect of pollution.

“As the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, we take the environment, air, water and soil as a whole and we carry out our works in harmony with this whole”, said Ataoğlu, who stated that the studies carried out in order to determine the quality of sea water and the level of pollution will continue regularly.