December 2, 2023

In collaboration with Gazimağusa Municipality and Cancer Patients Assistance Association,  Mağusa Kale Lions Club, went on a Breast Cancer Awareness March which was held on the 27th of October 2017 in Gazimağusa for the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Health Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Kemal Deniz Dana also participated, together with various associations and non-governmental organizations, in order to draw attention to breast cancer with pink t-shirts and pink balloons. The walk started from Mağusa Zafer Memorial Roundabout to the MAGEM.

The Minister of Health, Mr. Faiz Sucuoglu, said to the crowd gathered together, that  he was pleased they are playing a leading role in these important awareness activities and that the sensitivity of the people in the activities led by Civil Society organizations is also increasing.  Expressing that they are all working for awareness and early diagnosis of breast cancer in the month of October, he stated – we always say and we will continue to say, you do not have to be afraid of cancer, just do not be late.

Now with surgical procedures, radiotherapy and chemotherapy early diagnosis is lifesaving, he said. Sucuoglu said that it is a duty to ensure that female students and the people they know be regularly checked and that this subject is taught in biology lessons from secondary school in Europe. Not only for cancer, but also early diagnosis for every illness,  Sucuoğlu said that as an island man, our people have delayed what they need to do and that this negligence can cost human life. Expressing that consciousness and awareness are constantly increasing, and that it is a bonus to have attracted the attention of those who came to the event, everyone wishes for a healthy life and the Minister thanked the civil society organisations for their support.

In his speech, the Mayor of Gazimağusa, Ismail Arter, stated that they supported the event organized in cooperation with the Association of Cancer Patients and the Mağusa Kale Lions Club, and that they would continue to give support to all good causes.  Noting the importance of going to a doctor about breast cancer as well as other types of cancer for men should not be delayed.  Mayor Arter said that such activities must be carried out in order to raise the awareness of our people.

Cancer Patients Assistance Association President Raziye Kocaismail, together with the Famagusta Castle Lions Club, said that the events held in each region for the past month have raised great awareness and that they are always happy to perform this activity each year because they are pleased that everywhere, and at schools, this kind of awareness activity is taking place. Kocaismail said breast cancer is one of three types of cancer and breast cancer can be eradicated with growing awareness, and she asked women participating in the event to continue spreading the awareness of breast cancer.

EMU Faculty of Medicine  Dr. Nahide Gökçora thanked the Health Minister for the fact that they had carried out very good work through the Ministry of Health in the last 4 years.  Gökçora said that cancer is a public health problem because it is a very important health issue, it is frequent and the death rate is high, but it proves that it is controllable and preventable. The Faculty, together with the Ministry of Health and non-governmental organizations, stated that for the first time cancer control programs have established the first registry centre, which is a necessity, and that the national advisory board has also formed the first part of the screening project supported by the Turkish Embassy in 2015.  She said that in Amsterdam, the World Health Organization and the World Cancer Research Association sponsored initial results in the form of a cancer registration form, and they received an invitation to become a member, giving us the right to vote next year, and have strategic benefits in the fight against cancer. Gökçora said that they will be successful with the support of everyone and Raziye Kocaismail’s willingness to fight cancer by preparing a law for the continuation of this and passing the law with the support of the Ministry of Health.


Mağusa Kale Lions Club President Fisun Esatoglu, thanked the Mayor of Gazimağusa, Ismail Arter, and Raziye Kocaismail, who provided the greatest support for organizing the awareness march, promising continuing support and wishing everyone healthy and happier lifestyles.

On behalf of the Association of Cancer Patients, Gazimağusa Zarif Şen Menteşoğlu also thanked the Mayor, İsmail Arter, and the Mağusa Kale Lions Club for their cooperation and awareness in this matter.


Ln. Meyrem Dana

Mağusa Kale Lions Club Secretary

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