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Confessions of a Foreign Student in Cyprus

By our Roving Reporter……..

A few weeks ago I met a sweet young man helping us in our Music on Fire event. We struck up a conversation and I began asking questions like a mother would. Here is what I learned from our visit and truly thought Cypriots and local businesses and institutions should know about our wonderful students from abroad.

Emmanuel thank you so much for sharing a part of your life with us.

Dr. Demetra Mustafaoğlu


 What’s your full name?

 Emmanuel Oshogwe Akpeokhai

Q   Where and when were you born?

A Benin City, Nigeria. DOB: September 18th, 1985

Q   When did you arrive in Cyprus for school?

A   March 13, 2015

Q  Where did you live during school? How did you find your housing? Internet, school, newspaper or friend?

A  I stayed in a rented apartment outside the school in Karakum Environs because it was cheaper and more comfortable compared to the hostels provided by the school.  The internet service is a little bit reliable and fast depending on the service provider you choose.

What was your degree in? Did you finish?

Masters in Business Administration (Management Information Systems Concentration) and yes I completed the Program in Summer Semester 2016.

Q   Were your professors hard enough?

A  Yes they were good enough, I really appreciate their effort and the knowledge they impacted in me.  I learned a lot from them.  Some of them were so patient and friendly with me because they noticed I was so eager to learn.

 Did you gain the knowledge and tools to be able to work here or at home? Any idea to start your own business? What kind?

  Yes I did gain some knowledge about entrepreneurial skills (Business). I took 6 business courses and 6 IT courses. Some of the business courses I really enjoyed were Marketing Management, Financial Management, Strategic Management and Organization Theory. Before coming for the masters program I already had a background in IT so gaining more knowledge in this business gave me an added advantage.

Q    How did you find the people at the university? The other students? The Turkish Cypriots?

  The people I met at the university were friendly. During my registration and trying to find my way around, most of the people I came across knew I was a new student so that gave me preference.  I met other international students and they were friendly as well.  The Turkish Cypriots were also friendly. What I noticed was that if you are friendly, smart and intelligent you will have lots of friends.

Q         Are you Moslem? Christian? Something else?

A         I am a Christian

Q         Where is your favorite place here in Cyprus?

        The Kyrenia Harbour (City Centre)

        Is there a gathering spot for students on campus?

     Yes there are different spots, meeting points in campus, where students can meet to discuss, study, do group assignments or projects and also a place to play different types of games during leisure time.

Q   What is your favorite food here? Dessert! Unfavorites?

  My favourite food is Chicken Donner Kebap and my favourite Dessert is Baklava.  My unfavourite is Turkish Pizza (Lahmacun)

  What did you like most about North Cyprus?  Least about it?

A   The Peaceful Environment with low crime rate, The people around are so friendly, and also the sunny weather which I enjoy during summer (visiting all the beautiful beaches).

Q  What would you like to see changed here for students?

A  Cost of living seems to be on the high side, accommodation is paid in pounds, fees in Euros.

Q    Tell us what you would do when you got homesick?

A    I always call my family and friends either on video call so I call to see them or I just place a call through to their number.

Q    Would you like to see a yearly festival of food, music, art for students at the university?

  Yes, so the international students will enjoying their stay, learn different type of culture, food, music, and art.

Q   What would you present to N. Cypriots to show your best gifts from home?

A   Dashiki (A dashiki is a loose-fitting, pullover shirt usually sewn from colorful, African-inspired cotton prints or from solid colour fabrics, often with patch pockets and embroidery at the neckline and cuffs.)

Q  Would you choose this island again for school or recommend to others from home?

A      Yes I will.

     What would you tell them to expect?

A    If I know anyone that wants to study here I would advise the person to be ready for the best and be ready to bring out the best in him or herself if they want to excel. I would also say that the road is tough, we all know nothing good comes so easy but when you put in your best you will get all you want.

    Who do you miss most and why?

     My Mother. I miss her because I am close to her.