Girne Municipality cleared rubbish from the Boğazkoy Picnic Area

Girne Municipality cleaning branch teams carried out cleaning work in the Girne Boğazkoy Picnic Area and collected about 150 large garbage bags full of rubbish and the packed garbage bags filled a small truck.

Cleaning teams, collected 247 large garbage bags full of rubbish during the cleaning work carried out in August on the Girne-Lefkosa Highway and Boğazkoy Picnic Area.

Güngördü: Cleanliness Education and Awareness must be carried out

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated that the cleaning work was carried out by Girne Municipality in the Boğazkoy Picnic Area which is in the care of the Forestry Department and stated that “the public  do clean up the garbage where the public are picnicking” is not correct. Nidai Güngördü pointed out that those who wanted to use a picnic area should put the garbage in the garbage containers provided after having had their picnic.

Güngördü also pointed out that the public needs to be sensitive to the protection of the environment and increased training and awareness studies are required and pointed out that they had already handed out Cleanliness leaflets to the public in the Boğazkoy Picnic Area.




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  1. Well done and thanks for that. It is a shame to leafe places dirty. But we recognize that Girne and surrounding is getting cleaner. Bravo! Hilde Zia and family