TRNC News 11.10.2017 Burcu: Greek Cypriot side’s narrative has been refuted with UNSG report.

Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu announced that the final version of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ report had been published yesterday.

Burcu stated that the report had refuted the Greek Cypriot narrative on the Crans-Montana talks, which blames Turkish Cypriots for the collapse of negotiations. The report also makes it clear that the Cyprus talks failed to address issues of security and guarantees.

Burcu underlined the importance of UN Secretary General Guterres’ attitude, which welcomes President Mustafa Akıncı’s opinion that the negotiations could not be continued with the same methods. Burcu also stated that the report clearly mentioned that all chapters of the framework were issued to both sides at the conference:  “The Guterres Framework was shared with both sides in Crans Montana within the scope of the Cyprus talks, however it was not fully reflected in the report. The inadequacies and changes in the wording used in the report have undermined the framework put forward by the UN Secretary General.”

Burcu also commented on the concept of a rotating presidency and active participation by Turkish Cypriots in the decision-making process. He explained that the process of federal councils and the ‘one positive vote’ principle were important elements within the UN Secretary-General’s framework in Crans Montana. However, these elements were not clarified during talks due to the indecisive attitude of the Greek Cypriots. Burcu later added:  “In his subsequent speech at the opening of the 72nd session of the UN General Council, Anastasiades openly opposed the principle of active participation in decision making during the talks. Nevertheless, the Greek Cypriot side’s negative attitude towards the talks has not been clearly reflected in the report. The statement in the report that, ‘‘a full compromise was almost reached on the issues of Federal Administration and Active Participation’’ is misleading.

Burcu expressed that the Greek Cypriot side continuously put forward new conditions, changes and demands on the issue of Independent Authorities and Federal Public Service, which prevented any agreement from being reached.

Adding that the UN Secretary General’s framework to overcome problems regarding the issue of property was not accepted by the Greek Cypriot side, Burcu said, “Unfortunately, this issue was not mentioned in the report. However, some expressions used in the report differ from the original framework submitted in Crans Montana.”

Burcu also emphasised that the constructive approach shown by both the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey on the issue of security and guarantees was appreciated by other participants at the summit, although disregarded by the Greek Cypriot side and Greece. “It was a wasted opportunity due to the Greek side’s insistence on a zero troops guarantee.” Burcu also expressed that this particular issue was not reflected clearly in the report.

Çağlar and Özcenk visit Strasbourg for AKPA meetings

CTP Deputy Mehmet Çağlar and UBP Deputy Erdal Özcenk are attending the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (AKPA) General Council meetings in Strasbourg this week.

The deputies will attend AKPA permanent committee meetings and political group meetings. They will also meet with other members of the General Council, including representatives of European Council member states. Deputies Çağlar and Özcenk’s meetings will continue until 13 October 2017.

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