North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for October 2017

By Trevor Hughes……


TRNC Temporary Residence Permit

For those where it is compulsory to apply/renew their temporary residence, or continue with their renewal, through personal choice, the current cost per year is now 306TL.

Vehicle Number Plates

There are several rumours surrounding which colour number plates should be displayed on the rear of your vehicle.

Firstly, the yellow number plate can be renewed by a white plate. Although not compulsory, many drivers have had them fitted and not chancing their car failing its MOT. Since June of this year, when purchasing a newly registered car here, it is now Law that the white plate must be fitted by the dealer selling the vehicle. This Law also applies to new quad bikes and motor cycles.

Secondly, the very latest number plate [when it becomes mandatory for all registered vehicles] must be made of metal with a black line surround and with a blue stripe on the left-hand side of the plate.

The blue stripe must have the official yellow Government logo on it and it must have a number embossed on the blue stripe [1-7] which relates to the official licence plate supplier who made the plate. This latest plate must be displayed on the front and the rear of the vehicle [the front display of motor bikes is not a legal requirement]. It will be compulsory for you to have these metal plates fitted over the next ten years]. Currently, there are only seven registered suppliers of the new plate, one of which is “Oztunc” who are located at the bottom of the dual carriageway in Alsancak, and are currently charging 50TL per plate.

I am checking the rumour that our new white number plates are not acceptable over the border by the Greek police and will report back on the next News Round on what I find out.

Oven Cleaning

Over time your cooker will attract burnt food from your daily cooking spillages. To try and keep your cooker not looking a little worse for wear, it can be a cleaning task best left for someone else to do it for you.

Well here’s the answer! Purchase some paint stripper from your local Yapi Market and apply the stripper onto the surface you wish to clean with a small paint brush, wearing rubber gloves is essential if you wish to avoid painful chemical burns. Take all items outside if at all possible, it makes the process easier. After say 30 minutes, clean off with lots a clean hot soapy water and behold, back to new. A second application may well be necessary. When I cleaned our oven, all removable parts were taken outside and by using a jet wash to wash away the burnt on food and chemicals, made the task almost enjoyable.

Editor’s Note:  If using this method, take care to avoid splashing paint stripper on areas that could be damaged.

Late Night Chemist Rota

At last we have managed to obtain the latest late-night chemist rota which can be seen by clicking here.

There have been several changes since the last issue and any chemist deemed too far out to be one of the participating late-night chemists, the Government have declared their hours of opening must be 0800 – 2000 Monday to Friday and from 0800 – 1600 on Saturdays, excluding public holidays.

Chemists participating in the late-night rota, their normal opening hours for the winter months  from October 2017 to April 2018] are 0800 – 1830 Monday to Friday and 0800 -1300 hrs on Saturdays.

  • For those wishing to have a flu vaccine, and or an anti-tetanus injection, most chemists have the vaccines in stock. The chemist in Karsiyaka near to the coffee shop will do the injections for you, free of charge. Saves you having to go to a clinic for them to do the injections because the chemist from where you purchased the vaccine won’t do it!
  • Karşiyaka Pharmacy has an offer on Yves Rocher foundation all 50tl

Winter Time

Do not turn your clocks back in October 2017 as the Authorities here are keeping the clocks in line with Turkey.

Bayram Holidays

There is a Bayram holiday on Sunday 29th October.

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