Mo Davies : Happy 70th Birthday celebration

By Margaret Sheard …..

It was the big ‘70’ for Mo Davies on Sunday 24th September, who is also known as the ‘Crazy Crone’, and 9 of us gathered together for lunch at Eziç Premier to celebrate the occasion.

Although we did not know all of the guests Mo had invited, we were soon chattering away with some very interesting people and enjoying a delicious lunch followed by an even more delicious chocolate soufflé.   Then there arrived a birthday cake, chocolate again!  Oh dear, was I full!

Mo’s definition of herself is – a Reiki Master, writer, artist, Tarot reader, dabbler in astrology and all-round crazy crone and wild woman.   We had not met Mo in person before and on our first meeting we found her to be very charismatic, so we hope to catch up with her again soon to delve into the world of crystals.

We have previously published some of Mo’s articles on cyprusscene about her passion for crystals and her travels in Australia and the UK before settling in North Cyprus.   To read these fascinating articles go to the cyprusscene home page and search for “crystals” and you will find many interesting articles written by Mo.