Esenyel: “Tourism, The Best Results Of Last 42 Years For The TRNC

By Chris Elliott……

With a deep interest in the development of Northern Cyprus, I came across a fascinating publication on the Website of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment click here and with the important news it was broadcasting about Tourism successes in Turkish, we decided to translate this to the best of our ability as the article deserved world-wide coverage in the English language.


Esenyel: “Tourism, The Best Results Of Last 42 Years”


Undersecretary of Ministry of Tourism and Environment Assoc. Dr. İsmet Esenyel said that this year (2017) has shown the best results of tourism in the last 42 years.  Esenyel indicated that tourism in North Cyprus has achieved a big breakthrough and growth and it has become very popular as a tourist destination.

In his statement, Ismet Esenyel said that since April 2016, when they set goals and started to analyse the results with all the stakeholders, with whom they work in harmony, they began receiving the results of these studies.   He said tourism had reached the highest level especially in the area of tourism economy in recent months and we should not allow any unfair criticism, the statistics are a gift from everyone in the tourism sector.

Undersecretary of Ministry of Tourism and Environment Assoc. Dr. İsmet Esenyel

From the results, it has shown that occupancy rates have surpassed those of previous years. “The figures demonstrate the correctness of tourism policy”.  İsmet Esenyel stated that according to the tourism statistics of 2017, the best results for 42 years have been reached and highlighted that the numerical data shows the correctness of the tourism policy which has been set out.

According to Esenyel, the number of passengers who entered through Ercan Airport from January to August 2017 has increased from 1,056,000 to 1,258,000.

Esenyel mentioned the recent criticism that Ercan Airport lost its visibility, and that the tourism season was seriously affected, and said that these critics who complain to all the sectors that have contributed to this sector are completely fabricated.

Ismet Esenyel said that it is important that those in official positions should be careful in explaining what is happening.  “It is deeply upsetting to all people who have misunderstandings made to stay on the agenda and strive for the development of our people and this sector. We are counting on ourselves to share information with our people in order to remove this created negative effect. “

“Passengers arriving in Northern Cyprus increased by 10.8%  in the January-August period compared to last year”,  Esenyel said that the number of passengers arriving in Northern Cyprus increased from 997,600 to 1,105,000, excluding TRNC citizens.

According to Esenyel, PGM and Tourism Planning Department, the number of passengers who entered the country at Girne Harbour in the January-August 2017 period increased by 6% from 35% to 41% ; Mağusa Port increased by 2% from 13% to 15%.

Underlining that there was a major increase in the entrances at the border crossings, Esenyel stated that the number of tourists coming from Southern Cyprus had increased with the facilities provided.


İsmet Esenyel said that thanks to the harmonization provided by the sector and the joint activities carried out, there has been a significant increase in the number of people staying at tourist accommodation facilities.

In January-August 2017, Esenyel stated that tour operators and non-governmental organizations have increased by 25.5% compared to the previous year, increasing the number of people staying from 583 to 732.


Esenyel said that there were increases in the number of passengers coming from different countries in the period January-August 2017.  The number of passengers coming from Germany, which was 24,443 in 2016, increased by 54% in 2017.  The number of passengers from Belgium, which was 653,000 in 2016, increased by 109% in 2017.  In 2016, the number of passengers from Sweden, which was 2,105, increased by 96%.  The number of passengers from Switzerland, which was 645 in 2016, increased by 391%.  The number of passengers from Norway, which was 416,000 in 2016, rose by 146%.


Assoc. Dr. İsmet Esenyel, also stated that there has been an increase in the rate of accommodation, which during the period of January – August 2017 reached 2,817,300 nights.   Esenyel, “This figure was limited to 2,134,000 last year. This increase is an indication of the increasing the quality in the industry and guest satisfaction. The arriving tourists are pleased that they are staying longer in our country” he said.

Esenyel, who informed that the tourism organization, OTEM and other initiatives will announce brand new strategic targets very soon, expressed that they work in harmony with the Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoglu and that this harmony has encouraged all sectors of the industry to work together.