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Beatlemania Show at Girne Amphitheatre : Review

By Margaret Sheard ……

My niece, Lesley, was here on holiday and knowing she had always liked The Beatles, I arranged tickets for us to go to the Beatlemania show at Girne Amphitheatre on Saturday 16th September. The event was sponsored by Creditwest Bank and was in aid of the Civil Emergency Services Volunteers (CESV).


The Amphitheatre was almost filled to capacity and this gave a great atmosphere for the occasion. In fact I have never seen the Amphitheatre so full.

Audience early in the evening

The show started at 7pm with supporting band Acoustic 4 playing a great range of music.  They were excellent and really got the audience tapping their feet.  This was a brilliant warm up to the main event of the evening – the Beatles tribute band.

Acoustic 4

At around 8.45 the Beatlemania group came onto the stage to tremendous applause and they started their show with early Beatles favourites which had the audience spellbound.   During the show there were another 2 costume changes which reflected the evolution of the Beatles era.


Towards the end of the show, which finished around 11.30pm, I was getting very anxious that they had not performed Hey Jude, my all time favourite, but then they did and it was wonderful.  After a couple of encores, the group left the stage with still continuing applause and calls for “more”.

It was a brilliant show, both groups did an amazing job and thanks must be given to Laurence Floyd and his team for arranging such a wonderful event, and to Creditwest Bank for their sponsorship.

See videos below of Beatlemania singing Strawberry Fields and Acoustic 4 singing Sex Bomb (kindly supplied by Figen Rasmussen)

Acoustic 4 sing Sex Bomb

Beatlemania sing Strawberry Fields

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