Viola Edward – Nominee for “Inspiration Award for Women”

Introduction by Margaret Sheard …..

Viola Edward has been nominated for the “Inspiration Awards for Women” – UK and we would love to see her being presented with this award for the remarkable work she does as a Psychotherapist and Coach, Breathwork Trainer and other therapeutic work.

We have met Viola during the past few years at various events and also at her home in Çatalkoy when she introduced us to an American friend who was walking around the Mediterranean and we interviewed him and wrote about his mammoth trek.

Below is some information about Viola and the Award which she has sent to us.

The Inspiration Award for Women celebrates the achievement of remarkable women who inspire those around them either through media or through their outstanding achievements in their everyday lives.

Sky Andrew the founder of this award says “Giving the next generation, role models that show it is possible to have a sense of status, achievement and success by conducting ones-self in a manner that is inspirational”

Dame Jane Goodall is the guest of honour at the 10th anniversary of this award.  Jane has been one of Viola’s heroes since her youth.

Viola Edward is nominated in the category of Most Aspirational Women, Aspirational is an example which motivates to improve, to reach a higher level or greater understanding… Viola has been contributing to the Cypriot communities since 2003 with her work as Psychotherapist and Coach, Author and Breathwork Trainer, Image & Business Consultant. She is known as the Clarity Coach.

International speaker and author, Viola has published two books, 1-“Breathing the Rhythm of Success” published in 1999, translated to Turkish and Spanish. 2- “Who Makes the Bed?” published in 2017, this book is based on the articles that Viola and her husband Michael de Glanville wrote weekly for Havadis during 2013 about Conscious Loving Relationship, translated to Spanish and soon to Turkish.

Some of the Women nominees are Christiane Amanpour, Adele Adkins, Dr. Diahanne Rhiney, Lily Cole and in the category of Inspirational Men – Sir Richard Branson, David Beckham, Mo Farah…

Viola is Venezuelan with a Middle-East background who works internationally.  Asking Viola about her feeling of this nomination, she said  “I am honoured to have been chosen for this award, I have been working since I was 13 years old and I do my work with all my love relating deeply with people that I come across on my path, honouring all the countries I have lived in so far. I believe that every human being is inspirational, this touches me most, it is just that some of us are more private and some are more public.”

Now Viola is going back to her international work after 14 years of being fully dedicated to the community in Cyprus, when we asked her about this change in her career, her answer was “I moved here and nobody knew me and the way I do my work, I needed to be dedicated to learn about the way of the Islanders and also I was newly married and it is my first marriage, so I had much to learn too about a new life in a new country, so I paused my international career for all this time. Now that I have a very beautiful and strong relationship with my husband and a solid professional name in Cyprus, I can open my wings again to continue to fly, I am still very young, just 58 years old, there is so much more to do in life. One of my intentions is to attract the world to come and do several types of coaching and self-development activities in Cyprus. I will be spending part of my time travelling and fulfilling international engagements and part of the time working at my base here in this beautiful Island which is my home”.

Recently, in May, Viola Edward was in the news with the Feminine Capital Forum, a successful event that brought together on stage twenty-eight distinguished speakers from around the world and Cypriots from both sides of the Island,  talking about their experiences in life, encouraging and empowering women to embrace their femininity and men their masculinity, helping them to break free from conditioned behaviour and create a more sustainable society. Special awards were given to outstanding citizens. The Feminine Capital Forum migrates to different cities around the world under the empowerment of Viola Edward.

Layla Edward, Viola’s sister says “since our disrupted childhood in Lebanon, I have constantly felt my sister’s loving support and witnessed her collaborative intelligence as she uses her relational qualities to support others to expand. I am so happy about this nomination because it brings recognition and acknowledgement for the clarity and guidance that has enabled so many people to transform their lives. Viola has worked with thousands of people, using her practical methods to help them unlock the infinite possibilities hidden in each of them and find the courage to start their own journey to achieve their full potential, I am one of those people.”

The 8th September 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, in London will be the Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony.  It is an emotional event where women from all walks of life are celebrated equally in one room. Along with promoting a positive image of women and acknowledging dynamic role models, the event will raise money for the “Jane Goodall Institute”, “Breast Cancer Now” and a children’s charity to be named.

The evening will be inspiring and glamorous. Guests get the chance to mingle with the stars, sit back and listen to music performed by inspirational artists and hear the stories of women who are being celebrated for a whole range of different reasons.

This is an event of a beautiful “pink carpet” where we wish our friend and collaborator, Viola Edward, to keep shining, as for us she is already a winner for being where she is and for representing Cyprus in many international events already with such a pride.

To support Viola Edward and vote for her, please go to the link.