North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for August 2017

By Trevor Hughes……


TRNC Temporary Residence Renewal

For those of you who must renew your Temporary Residence, bear in mind that whilst the Authorities are processing your application, you will not be allowed to cross the border until everything is completed.

Planning is essential if you need to cross the border to either catch a flight, or to collect your visitors from one of the airports over there.

Mains Water Supply

You may have read or heard recently, because some of us now have a 24/7 water supply [although not in all areas], you can now have your water supply modified to by-pass the water pump. The advantage of having this new system installed is the saving on pump electricity because there is no need for a water pump.

You will still need to have the pump on stand-by when there is no mains water coming through, but a good installer will install a switch over system which will enable you to overcome the lack of mains supply. If you do choose to have this system installed, please make sure the fitter installs a pressure regulator and set at no more than 3 bar. If you suffer from an internal water leak and the system has not been installed correctly, any water damage claimed from your insurance company may well be declined. Remember, some insurance suppliers will only cover the cost of repair and not the subsequent damage suffered.

The water tanks holding emergency water as and when needed, will benefit from a small amount of chlorine which will prevent the still water from becoming unusable. But remember, chlorine will render the water unsafe for drinking purposes.

If you are not living in your property or indeed not renting it, you must have a key holder to check your property both inside and out on at least a two-weekly basis. You must also switch off the mains water supply at the meter to prevent a constant water supply if a burst water pipe happens, thus causing even more property damage.

Belediyesi Offices

Check the summertime opening hours with your local Belediyesi Office, because the one in the Karşiyaka village have reduced theirs.

Bayram Holidays

Bayram holidays for the month of August are as follows Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st when Government, local Government, Banks and some local offices will be closed. Another Turkish Bayram, but an extremely important one.  Atatürk’s forces, in a huge offensive that lasted only four days, liberated Turkey from the invading Greeks. Zafar Bayram is marked with top military officials, the President, and cadets laying wreaths at Atatürk’s mausoleum in Ankara.

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