Meeting of friends at the Cafe Deniz, Karakum on 17-6-17

By Kathy Martin


This year when my friend told me she was coming to spend her holiday here in early June we both decided it would be lovely to have another get-together with our friends. This time we decided to use the Cafe Deniz. (Directions to Café Deniz are given at the bottom of the article).

Cafe Deniz – beautiful setting right next to the sea

As a great many friends from the Facebook group Frozen Cypriots (for people who still don’t know all this means is that we are trying to keep alive the memories of Cypriots, from all around the world, who love this little island in the Mediterranean) came to the three meetings we held in 2016, we decided to launch an event for Saturday 17th June 2017!

We decided to go to Cafe Deniz for lunch on Thursday to finalise arrangements. Gill Radcliffe has an excellent team to support her. We estimated that we might have about 16 people turn up!

My friend and her husband very kindly picked Levanta and me up and we reached Cafe Deniz at 12.30 and it wasn’t long before others started arriving.

Sheila (the driver) and her husband Graham came from the Anarita in the Paphos district of South Cyprus. They had had a very stressful journey, first having to wait for half-an-hour for the official to arrive to sell them the insurance required for cars being driven from either side to go across the border. Secondly, upon arriving in Girne/Kyrenia they were met by the horrendous roadworks that are causing huge delays! The upshot of this terrible journey, we were very grateful to them for making the effort!

Various photos showing the group

Various photos showing the group and bottom right the seafood platter to share!

LroR: Sheila and Graham, our intrepid travellers from Paphos; Levanta enjoying her meal of the seafood platter for one; Malcolm, a member of Gill’s team. Bottom: Me with my friends

Marion Stuart came with her step-son David and friend Wendy Matthews and were able to eat their meal, before leaving to take David to the airport to catch his flight to the UK.

We had a very good mix of people, over 20, some who live here, in fact some neighbours of my friend, and other friends made through the Facebook group.

We all seemed to be pleased with the choice of venue and most enjoyed their food, with just a couple of minor niggles, which we informed Gill about.

All in all we may well come back to this beautiful venue, where the sound of the sea lapping on the rocks below adds a very pleasant backdrop!

Directions to Cafe Deniz:

Head from Girne/Kyrennia towards Çatalköy / Ayios Epiktitos and look out for a tyre shop Lastik. There is a sign for Cafe Deniz, on your left towards the sea, Comfy Petshop is past the turning. Follow the road down the hill, and over the speed bumps. When you reach the bottom of the road and you see the sea, you will find Café Deniz on the right hand side.