October 1, 2022

Former US Ambassador to South Cyprus John Koenig has stated that the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades is responsible for the collapse of the negotiations.

Koenig shared a message from his Facebook account saying “There is plenty of blame to share around, but one person stands out as the cause of the impasse and collapse: This is Nikos Anastasiades. He never was the courageous, committed leader he claimed to be – not even in 2004 – but instead a self-absorbed small -time operator with grand ambitions and no spine.

“Anastasiades owns this failure but many others will pay the price. (Maybe I should write that book I threatened to write when I left Nicosia!)”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office –
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Pictures shown are courtesy of the TRNC Public Information Office Facebook page.

1 thought on “ Former US Ambassador accuses Anastasiades over impasse in Cyprus talks

  1. Yes…. write it! Maybe it will finally convince the UN of the truth that has been staring them in the face for decades: the Greek Cypriots want dominance, not co-existence.

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