Have the Cyprus talks reached the end of the line?

Will the Turkish and Greek Cypriots ever reach an Agreement?


By Ismail Veli…….

I have tried my hardest to avoid any discussion or posts relating to the Cyprus problem of late. My article 4 years ago on the tragic loss of human life due to the conflict has again reminded me that somehow the losses of the past have failed to convince anyone that a solution (regardless of what form it takes) is essential (click here).

The agreed basic principle is a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation. Some prefer a two state solution, others wish for a return to pre 1974 conditions. Forget what Turkey, Greece, EU, UK or the UN wants, we all know there are vested interests based on geo-political and strategic reasons. The question in my mind is constantly ”WHAT DO THE CYPRIOTS REALLY WANT’‘? My opinion – and this is of course mine – is the Cypriots all want an agreement, BUT and it’s a big BUT, they really don’t want to make any compromises that can bring about this elusive goal. Sure they argue about ”give and take, compromise, sacrifice for the future etc etc”. The reality is they seem far too entrenched in their attitude that it’s always ”the other side’s fault, foreign interference etc etc”, It’s never our fault.

Elections, rhetoric and above all a lack of courage lie beneath this lack of progress. Many politicians look for excuses to avoid an agreement that may make them a target of indignation and accusations of ”selling us out”, This approach is common on both sides. Partisan politics, and an unspoken reality that both sides may be cosy with the status quo is rarely acknowledged. They lack the courage and fortitude to take bold decisions to settle the never ending saga that has become cancerous.

Will Anastasiade and Akinci ever lead their people to an agreement?

The latest negotiations between the two leaders Akinci and Anastasiades seems to have reached a dead end. The old habit of resorting to the blame game, while trying to shift focus of their own failings is a well rehearsed show that has passed its sell by date.

The Cyprus Mail’s recent report that the UN is seriously considering leaving, or at best drastically down-scaling its commitment on the island is not a new threat, but let’s make no mistake, the world is in turmoil. The UN is stretched to the limit, millions are being made homeless and the loss of life as a result is staggering. The major powers and the UN see Cyprus as a pain in the neck, and a dispute between two spoilt brats who simply cannot, or will not give up the decades of enmity, propaganda or make the necessary compromises to finally settle their differences.

One of these days all Cypriots regardless of their ethnicity will finally wake up and realise that the universe does not revolve around the Cyprus problem. The time will come when all sides have to decide whether they want a negotiated settlement or one forced by others. That time is nearing, The consequences will not be to the liking of many, but who the hell cares? It’s time to PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

The following remarks quoting a UN source published in the Cyprus Mail in an article by Elias Hazou on the 30th of April just about sums it up.

UN pondering Unficyp’s fate!

“The Cyprus mission is the safest in the world. In all honesty, for the Blue Helmets getting posted to Cyprus is almost like a holiday, except for the occasional running about in the buffer zone,” the source commented.

“Meantime real conflicts are raging elsewhere in the world, places where UN troops are really needed.” Click here to read more of this article.


50 Year Long Story of UNFICYP in Cyprus


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  1. Excellently put Ismail Veli. I am 65 years of age and since childhood, I have lived with the Cyprus problem every day of my life. At times I have seen war, at times I was scared, at times I was saddened, at times I went hungry, at times I hoped that one day peace will come to Cyprus and to her people. But it never did !!!

    I was sent away to Australia by my father who said there is no life for us here.and every day that passed I thought of Cyprus, I dreamed of Cyprus I wished for peace for my country hoping that one-day peace will arrive and I will return !!!

    Like you now, I wonder when the stupidity will stop or will it ever!!!

  2. “Recognition of two separate independent states.” Has not hapened for 40 years, and is even less likely to hapen now, in the light of more recent events in Ukraine and the Caucusus.

    I think Ismail Veli and Sermen Erdogan have summed up the curent sitiuation very well.

  3. Great Article Ismail Veli. I always try to think positive. I believe a just solution will happen sooner or later, that it will benefit ALL Cypriots; especially the ones who are not born yet.
    Chris Krzentz

  4. Thank you to all who have responded to my article. My sadness derives (Like Sermen’s) that at 61 years of age I have yet to see an end to the never ending enmity. I do hope future generations are more fortunate than we have been, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to live to see an end to this terrible period in our history?