By Chris Elliott……..

Most of us go through life with either good or bad habits when it comes to diet or exercise and as the years roll on our bodies decide to give us a warning that it wants change, then is the time to take a step back and make a change to your life.

Both Margaret and I have an all consuming hobby running not one but two websites which sees us sitting for a good few hours and if we are not careful, we snack on the run rather than having a good diet which is bad news.

Fortunately here in North Cyprus you often find that friends have friends who have very interesting backgrounds and we set aside time to meet up again with Mikhail Lalaev a Russian who speaks excellent English and works for Aydın Life, near to Uncle Sam’s Restaurant on the road up to Bellapais.

Mikhail Lalaev and Vector Bio-resonance (biofeedback) checkup program

So we wanted to have a health check-up and of course we could go to a number of private hospitals or clinics which offer a faster than UK style testing procedure with conventional X-rays, MRI scans, Doppler ultrasound  and Blood tests etc, but we decided to try a Bio Feedback health analysis to find out what our body conditions were.   .

So what is Bio Feedback health analysis? Well in simple terms we gave Mikhail a few facts about our health condition and issues and then sat comfortably wearing earphones listening to a few faint pings from a small monitor on the desk and the following is a clearer definition of a technology developed in Russia around 20 years ago.

Health And Body Analysis In 1 Hour

“A Vector Bio-resonance (biofeedback) checkup program – is an innovative system which comes out from the world of high tech. Bio-resonance Checkup Program is a non-linear (non-radioactive) and non-invasive diagnostic research. It is painless, harmless, easy and has no need of precautions during research.

Vector Bio-resonance Checkup Program can be available to all and especially to those who are in a position to control their state of health, who need help in understanding the true reasons of the disease, who is looking for preventive measures or thorough forecast for probable pathogenic pathway. It is also for you if you need health recovery with apparent benefits!

As a rule dysfunctions and diseases appear not instantly. Body energy or bio energy “takes impact” as the first barrier of guardianship. Below are some pictures of normal state of bio energy field and examples of abnormal cases as can be seen as the result of Vector Bio-resonance Health Analysis.:

Problems in human bio field  influence changes in body tissues and organs triggering processes of destruction. Provided that many destruction processes can be progressed without obvious and continuously disturbing symptoms, herein lies the danger and putting our watchfulness to sleep!

Unlike some other methods of diagnosis, Vector Bio-resonance Analysis Program is able to detect the early stages of pathological processes before prominent changes that are poorly diagnosed by other methods such as – Ultrasound, CT, MRI and others.

Depending on the degree of pathology process changes in one particular organ provokes problems in the others.

Following the chain reaction without having a thorough health checkup and taking corrective actions, eventually, we can get substantial body energy loss around the bio field and as a matter of fact we can get dysfunctions and diseases of other organs and interconnected systems.

Vector Bio-resonance Analysis Program results provide clear information about the state of the entire body as a single complete structure with the possibility to get required details up to molecular level.”

Mikhail was proud to tell us that he has the only Vector Bio-resonance scanner in Northern Cyprus but he also pointed out that there is a clinic in the south of Cyprus with a scanner and he has exchanged information with them..

Back now to Margaret and I and we both sat and chatted through the results of our scan with Mikhail and the system flagged up some health condition features that prompted us to remember other health related facts we had not mentioned previously.

So Ok we now have a picture of where our health could be improved not by surgery but through treatment of our body imbalances and we will tell you more of this soon.

For our local readers who would like more information on Vector Bio-resonance (biofeedback) testing click here or email  Mikhail Lalaev on or call him on 0533 843 9904.