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Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble 2017 Video Highlights

By Graham Brown……..

They say old habits die hard and in my case, having spent my life working in the film and television industry as a cameraman, when I retired to Northern Cyprus I found a hobby in the shape of my camera and I have been recording local events ever since and showing them on my website Esentepe Community .

Apart from filming our local football team at their matches, one of my big annual projects is to help promote the Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble and I was delighted to do so again this year with help from my wife Trudy who organises the interviews..

Lesley Anne Roper

It started when the Esentepe Fun Run was founded by the late George Roper who later became a cancer victim and it was good to be able to speak with his wife, Lesley Anne Roper who continues his quest to raise funds for Tulips – Help Those With Cancer Association.

Since its concept EFRAR has brought so many people young and old and in all shapes and sizes who have that drive to run or walk in memory of lost family members or friends.

You will see and hear in my video from many participants their uplifting accounts of why they take part in the EFRAR event and try to make a difference by helping others.

Mary Watson and Raziye Kocaismail

You will also hear from Mary Watson, EFRAR Chair and also Raziye Kocaismail who founded Help Those With Cancer Association – Tulips  and with the donations received from EFRAR,  many people who have cancer are given help and support.

So another EFRAR fun day came to an end with so many happy people leaving on buses and in cars and I look forward to 2018 and another EFRAR event in aid of Tulips.