Discovering North Cyprus 10/04/17 the Lefkosa City Walls

By Engin Dervişağa…….

I am delighted together with my colleague Qossay Eleyan to bring you our interesting report on “Discovering North Cyprus” from the ancient city walls of Lefkosa/Nicosia, which is the capital city of Cyprus.

In 1567, the Venetians commissioned the Italian military engineers, Giulio Savorgnano and Francesco Barbaro, to design and build new fortifications for the city to protect the inhabitants from imminent Ottoman attack.

The new walls replaced the old-style medieval fortifications which engineers thought were inadequate to defend the city. At the same time, the Pedieos River was diverted outside the city either in order to protect the residents from flooding or in order to flood the moat, which encircled the new city walls.

The Venetian walls around the capital city has a circumference of 3 miles, and contains eleven pentagon-shaped bastions named after eleven families who were , pillars of the Italian aristocracy of the town and donated funds towards the construction of the walls and the three gates. These gates were Porta San Domenico (Paphos Gate), Porta Guiliana (Famagusta Gate), and Porta del Proveditore (Kyrenia Gate).

These fortifications were unsuccessful and the city fell to the forces of the Ottoman admiral, Lala Mustafa Pasha in 1570 before the Venetians had completed their construction. The Ottomans captured the bastions almost intact, and they remained almost unchanged untill the British era.

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