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Jayde Bloom donates her hair to Tulips/HTWCA

Barbara Willbye witnessed and wrote the following on behalf of Tulips/HTWCA:

Jayde Bloom is 9 year old Necat student living in Lapta with her mother Eileen, who had moved to TNC in 2005 to retire.

Jayde bravely decided to donate her hair to Tulips so that a wig could be made for a child undergoing cancer treatment, her influence being that her auntie (big sis as Jade sees her) passed away from breast cancer on the 31st March 2017 and this year was the eighth anniversary.

Another contributing factor for Jayde wanting to donate her hair to Tulips was that she had recently watched a video on Facebook which showed a young boy in America being bullied at school due to the fact he had long hair.  What the bullies were totally unaware of and did not take the time to find out was that this young boy was growing his hair to donate for a wig to be made, this immediately inspired Jayde to say: “I am going to do that!”

When Jayde was asked, before her hair was cut off, are you scared?  Her answer was simply “no” and when asked if she was she excited, her beautiful smile lit up her face and she replied “yes”!

When it was all finished Jayde’s face was a picture and she just wanted to say how pleased she was she had done this today, and was able to help another kid.

Now, don’t think Jayde has stopped there, as she is planning to re-grow her hair to a good length and once again have it cut and given to Tulips for another wig.

I just want to say what a privilege it was to watch this young lady be so caring and unselfish, and how I am so happy that I shared this experience with Jayde and Eileen!

We would be so pleased if you could help us say thank you to Jayde for her courage!

Many thanks
Sue and Carole