Richard Chamberlain – New edition books of old Cyprus photographs

 By Margaret Sheard …..

Many people are aware of Richard Chamberlain and his wonderful collection of photographs taken during his UK National Service time in Cyprus in 1954/55.   Many years later Richard produced a book showing the black and white photos entitled “Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954” and this was followed by a further book where he visited many of the same areas and produced an up to date photo of the same scene “Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954/55 and sixty years later in 2014”.

We have visited many of the exhibitions which Richard has held in various areas of North Cyprus, especially the Round Tower in Girne in 2013, where the exhibition was very popular and in fact it was extended for a further period.

To see the article we wrote about the Round Tower exhibition and Richard’s account of his early life and how he came to be interested in photography click here and you can also see the video made at the Round Tower which is shown below.   On looking back at the video we noticed one of the visitors was our friend Steven Roberts who has written a few articles for cyprusscene.com in the past and he was very interested in Richard’s original camera.

There has now been a reprint of both books and it is intended to have a further exhibition in the near future at a local venue.  The reprinted book of original black and white photos is 40TL and the new version with colour photos is 70TL.

If you haven’t already got one (or both) of this wonderful collection of old Cyprus photographs now is the time to add them to your bookshelf.   Contact Richard on 0533-859-7663.

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  1. Great job Richard. Your enthusiasm and sharing of these old photos taken half a century ago are so great with your old camera. When you displayed them at Büyük Han I was amazed how clear and beautıful the shots they were with that small camera.