TRNC News 27.1.2017 Denktas: Cyprus solution not possible if Greek Cypriots wish for ownership

Denktaş: “Solution in Cyprus is not possible as long as the Greek Cypriots wish for ownership of the island”

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Serdar Denktaş gave a speech at a panel entitled “The Cyprus Case and the Latest Developments in the Negotiations” organized by the Ankara Forum Association yesterday evening.

Noting that a meeting was held between the leaders yesterday, Denktaş said “A solution could not be found in Cyprus because the Turkish Cypriot side is struggling together with Turkey to achieve a partnership state in Cyprus but the Greek Cypriot side has only one target and that is ownership. That is why a solution is not possible in Cyprus.”


Furthermore, Denktaş stated that the US and EU can demand that a referendum be held. He continued: “A referendum may be held after April. After April, elections will be held in South Cyprus. It seems that the process will be delayed. We, as Turkish Cypriots, have been living in uncertainty for more than a half century. Why? Because the negotiations are continuing. 50 years passed. The world does not have any right to make the Turkish Cypriots live in uncertainty anymore. It seems that a solution will not be reached. That is why the Turkish Cypriots’ future should be made clear”.

Denktaş also pointed out that Turkish Cypriot people are following the negotiations with great sensitivity. He said that the most important areas being discussed in the negotiations are the Guarantees and the existence of the Turkish soldiers in the island. Without these, he said that the majority of the people will vote ‘no’ in any referendum.

Leaders met again yesterday after Geneva conference

President Mustafa Akıncı met with Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades yesterday for the first time since the conference in Geneva. Following the meeting, he made a statement to the press and answered questions from the media.


Akıncı stated that the negotiations have reached a point where a result can be obtained, and all their efforts should not be wasted. Everyone should bear responsibility for the future of the island.

Referring to the five-party meeting, Akıncı said that the “Geneva meeting should not be considered as an open-ended process even though the date of the conference is not clear yet”.

Akıncı emphasized that the risks and threats of 2017 are very clear, and he stressed that it would be beneficial to make the negotiation process as short as possible and hold the conference in the near future. This will not be possible with the will of only one of the negotiating parties; all sides should be ready for the conference as the Turkish Cypriots are.

President Akıncı also said that his meeting with Anastasiades was at a technical level. The negotiators made a presentation in the meeting about the technical studies in Mont Pèlerin.

Müftüoğlu: “It is important that Turkey’s full and effective guarantee in Cyprus continues”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hüseyin Müftüoğlu has said that it is important that Turkey’s full and effective guarantee in Cyprus continues. Security and guarantees for Cyprus are one area of discussion in the current Cyprus negotiations.


Müftüoğlu said that “This is our principle aim. The guarantees are indispensable for Turkey.”

Müftüoğlu made the comments in response to questions from the media at a press briefing.

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman also said that the Cyprus talks were important for Turkey.

Eroğlu criticized submission of maps at Geneva summit

The Third President of the TRNC Derviş Eroğlu has criticized President Mustafa Akıncı for submitting maps at the negotiating table before solving other aspects of the negotiations that are important for the Turkish Cypriot people.


Arguing that Akıncı made a mistake by submitting maps, Eroğlu said: “The Greek Cypriot side is extremely satisfied that for the first time we have submitted a map that shows some of the locations that we are willing to give.”

In his statement to the Milliyet newspaper, Eroğlu stated: “I cannot say that I am hopeful for a solution. Mr. Akıncı said there would be a ‘solution by the end of 2015’. We saw that it did not happen. Then he said that there would be a ‘solution by the end of 2016’, but again it did not happen. One of his statements was open, ‘if there is not a settlement, then we continue on our path as the TRNC.’ In my opinion, if this does not happen, they should say ‘this is the end’, and they should not continue to look for a new process.”

Eroğlu said that the Greek Cypriot side is trying to remove bi-zonality from any proposed agreement, and that starting to negotiate from 29.2% of territory was not right.

Eroğlu said that there will not be any conclusion due to the attitudes of both Greek and Greek Cypriots, and that “Now, what we will do after this process should be discussed with all our people and with Turkey. There must be a way out”. Eroğlu also underlined that the aim of the Greek Cypriot side is to stall for time so they can start the hydrocarbon excavations.

United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) mission was extended

The mission of the UN Peace Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) was extended until 31 July 2017.

A resolution has unanimously been adopted which was presented to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) by the UK.


It was emphasized in the decision that the point reached in the negotiations, and both parties’ approach, were pleasing, yet it would be beneficial to extend the mandate of the Peacekeeping Force which will finish on 31 January.

The UNSC wanted the parties to make the best use of existing opportunities and to make more efforts to solve the core issues. The UNSC have also called on the leaders to give constructive messages to the Cypriot public and to prepare the communities for reconciliation.

Both sides were asked to allow access to de-miners and to facilitate the removal of the remaining mines in Cyprus within the buffer zone.

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