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Kyrenia Animal Rescue receive a warning about poison – end January 2017

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The KAR office received the following email report this morning 26th January 2017 from Tricia Dann.

kar27-1-2“My friend thought she’d take her dog for short walk in mountains….he ate poison….it was just there on the trail.

We rushed him to Pertev. He wasn’t there…………………went to Funda’s (at this point I’m panicking)

She injected him. We got him to be sick. Some of it came up. Also gave him charcoal tablets. Sat there for an hour and a half waiting. Nothing. He seemed fine. She said let him go home…maybe he is lucky….he is not showing any reaction… but keep watch.

Half an hour at home and I rang her to say he seemed to be jerking intermittently. She said maybe is hiccups.

About three minutes later she phoned me back and said “bring him now immediately”, so I did. By time got to her he was jerking a lot.

kar27-1Straight on drip and sedative. Trying to get him to wee it out and clear his blood.

Continued like that until half four. He was perking up by then. Wobbly and his back legs being funny. Funda gave me another drip to try doing at home and said she was only down road and to phone her and she would come.

At home took him for a wee. Still he wouldn’t settle. Started panting. My husband decided to ask on Facebook, which vet is open…everyone said go to Petcross. Funda phoned them for us and updated what she had done whilst we drove him there.

By the time we got there he was in a state. Panting crazily. Foam started coming at his mouth. This was just after seven I think.

I lost track. Another drip on and deep sedative this time. Catheter in too.

Then we almost lost him. He stopped breathing. His tongue was purple. Sibel had gone silent pumping oxygen down his throat. She looked at me and I knew he was going. We somehow got him back though. We just kept pumping and talking to him.

We didn’t leave until just before 02.00. We stayed up in turns watching him all night. Sibel, was on call, at a moment’s notice. Took him back to her at 08.30 and they couldn’t believe him. He was back to normal. He had another drip. He slept a great deal all day.

Another drip this morning. Also, sleeping lots. But perky, when he’s up and himself. They love him at Petcross.

Another drip tomorrow and Friday and then blood tests again – to double check all okay…………’s been truly horrendous.

The next day I went and cleared the poison!”