North Cyprus shares the news worldwide

kathy-newBy Kathy Martin……..

I received an email from the delightful Chris Elliott, with the following message that went completely over my head!

“You should be well chuffed that you, Alistair and North Cyprus Forum have made it into the Twitter news feeds. Perhaps you should write a small article about this and I will try to help you promote your work and NCF through CC. Let’s talk about it.”

My response was “I have no idea what that means!

I am a fan of Facebook, but have never got into any of the other “modern” ways of communicating with the world i.e. Twitter, Forums, Whatsapp, or any other such things!

Chris explained to me that through, all articles published, including mine also have links published into his Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr accounts and then the article links we also help publish in a number of Facebook group pages including and NOW I understand how the worldwide distribution of news feeds brings such a high level of daily readings to cyprusscene.

twitter-newsfeedAlso, I publish my articles in which then shares its article links into the Facebook page and its Twitter account and this is where I made it into their news feed with my latest article about my darling late husband Alistair. This is so exciting!

Now I understand just how all of those news and reviews articles that are sent to us, which I help publish, are distributed in such far flung places and continue to be read in the future.

This is amazing and so different from the outreach of traditional newspapers which when distributed, sit on shelves waiting for someone to collect them.