CESV - Civil Emergency Service Voulunteers

Events in aid of CESV (Civil Emergency Service Volunteers)

By Laurence Floyd …..

Many of you based full time here in TRNC will be aware that the Children in Need Foundation is being wound up, and as such ceased operating at the end of last year (2016).Children in need foundation

With the amazing support of Supper Club attendees and many others we were able to achieve and fulfil most of our objectives focused on improving the lives of needy children here in the TRNC, and Delia and I are both very proud of our involvement with Mally Torris and the rest of the team over the last 8 years.

However, life goes on, and we have agreed to support Steve Collard’s CESV new logo smlteam at the CESV (Civil Emergency Service Volunteers), the guys in the orange jackets who do a wonderful job instructing in first aid practise for both schoolchildren and adults. In particular we are keen to support their initiative aimed at schools with respect to road accident prevention….a very topical matter on an ongoing basis here in the TRNC.

There will be 1 Supper Club event only in 2017 – Wed June 21st, at our favourite venue, the Colony Garden, and featuring the Funky Weekend show…a group of amazing singers who deliver a really up tempo show designed to get you dancing from the off!

On Saturday September 16th we will be bringing the Beatles show ‘BeatleMania‘ to the Girne Amphitheatre, together with support, for a truly memorable night out singing and dancing to some of the finest music ever created.

More details to follow in due course.