Can Gazi Interviews Chris Krzentz on BRT North Cyprus TV

By Chris Krzentz

Hello everyone. I am Chris Krzentz. I am a Cypriot American of Greek and Armenian descent, who likes to chris-krzentzfilm videos all over Cyprus, and all around the world.

I am glad and honored to have joined this group of writers and contributors. I am the creator and administrator of the Cyprus Culture group on Facebook, and I have a global channel on youtube.

This introductory video was filmed on Bayrak TV, and it is the first time that someone interviewed me on camera. I am usually behind the camera interviewing others. Can Cazi the presenter of the show did an excellent job and the program is called “A Cup of Conversation”. 

Thank you for reading this article and do watch out for more of my articles and videos coming to these pages very soon.

You can find me by clicking on the following links FacebookChris Krzentz Presents, Cyprus Culture Group, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube

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    • Thank you Eren and what a way to start a New Year with articles now coming to Cyprus from the USA plus what you guys are sending from Australia. Wowee the future is brilliant.